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The Gospel is Restored:
The same gospel that the Savior's apostles preached throughout the Old World, and which was lost when heresies assailed the church in subsequent generations, is restored.  Learn what that gospel is and how it was restored. . .  more
A Call to Repentance:
Our society, our nation and our world is filled with danger and disorder.  God is calling believers to repentance.  Recently, He spoke through one of His servants, inviting His people to fast and repent. . .  more
Open Letter from Joseph Smith:
The work of the Church as restored by Joseph Smith lies undone.  Zion is yet to be redeemed.  God said that Zion's judgment would last through the 3rd and 4th generations.  Two of Joseph's male descendants from the 4th generation remain.  One of them, Joseph F Smith, is calling believers to unity. . .  more
An Invitation to all  Disaffected Book of Mormon Believers:
We invite all who believe the Book of Mormon, but who are estranged from church organization or their leaders, whether LDS, COC, etc., to fellowship with people of like faith and commitment. We offer ministry, support and fellowship to individuals or branches. . .  more
RLDS and LDS Differences:
The restored church divided into over 20 factions when Joseph Smith died.  Many practiced polygamy, including the LDS Church, but the RLDS Church did not.  Neither did it accept other teachings that the LDS Church advocated.  RLDS teachings have comforted many believers of the angel message. . . more.
History of the Church:
The Puritans hoped for a pristine church founded on the original gospel of Jesus Christ and organized as the Savior's apostles administered it.  That church fled into the wilderness, but emerged in 1830, endowed with the same spiritual power.  Learn how it came into being and continues today. . . more

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