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Every denomination has undergone extraordinary pressures and adjustments during the last half century.  Stable, traditional concepts and values have come under close scrutiny and many have been discarded.  Members have change denominations or founded new fellowships in reaction to the foundational changes that have occurred.

The Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ is no different.  In our case, the experience was particularly traumatic and divisive, scattering church members everywhere.  In 1974, the Presiding Bishopric reported to the Conference that  39.3%  of the church's total membership of 207,178 saints contributed to the General Church, implying 82,249 members donated.  In 2004, the Bishopric reported a total of 24,321 contributors in 2002, a loss of 57,928 members/contributors, a whopping 70.4% within 30 years.

Some missing members attend restoration fellowships that began forming after 1984.  Today, there are at least five separate churches and several hundred Restoration Branches.  They account for approximately 10,000 church members.  Sadly, over 45,000 members/contributors are missing.  Some attend other denominations, but some attend no church.  Many among this group miss the stability and fellowship that once characterized their lives.  They may of lost hope, direction or purpose.

We invite everyone to regain the faith that once steadied their lives.  The church that they once supported still remains.  It is batter and bruised, so to speak, and only able to hobble in the discharge of its divinely appointed duties, but it is alive!  The call to evangelize the world remains undone and the need to bring its inhabitants into the freedom and enlightenment available through the gospel of Jesus is urgent.  Meanwhile, the task of building up the kingdom of God where its residents gladly choose their Creator as their Father and love one another in word and deed has become more imperative if peace, joy and brotherhood are to fill the world.  We invite you to join us in these tasks.

Some Restoration Branches have united in a common conference to increase stability to a portion of the RLDS Church, help spread the gospel around the world and promote the fellowship encapsulated in zionic principles.  The old camaraderie that characterized the church decades ago is returning as we learn to work together for the cause of the kingdom. We are preaching the gospel around the world and support branches in Belize, Cuba, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, and Nepal.  We are stabilizing the church at home, gathering members into branches and uniting nearby branches into districts.  We invite you to join this work and regain the faith and fellowship found within the church.

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